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Spinwell for Rapha’s HOTN.

April 12, 2011

Rapha’s 2nd running of the North London ride event celebrating the famous Paris–Roubaix road race held on the same day in Northern France. 100km through darkest Hertfordshire including 20 gravé sectors. All finishers were treated to free beer and frites and big screen Eurosport to watch Johan van Summeren become king of the cobbles.

The full flickr set is now up!
Go peep.

Rollapaluza Midlands is coming!

April 6, 2011

Yes indeed. The time has come for all midlanders to show what they are made of.

Rollapaluza was in town last summer but it was in a: the afternoon and b: in a shopping centre so it doesn’t count… but this time, being in a boozer and in the evening we are on for a right showdown so all you folks from Birmingham and surrounding areas – Prepare your legs!


Qualifiers from 6 – 9pm with prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd men’s and women’s.


The Zilla!

June 28, 2010

What an awesome event! Many thanks to Fin for organizing this, a great night was had by all. There is movie footage here, too for those that want to see mine and Andy’s photo finish! More photos up later this week.


Loop Race
1. Brett (17mins.17secs)
2. Dan OYB (17.18)
3. Andy (17.37)

Sprint Final – Dead heat (14.50 seconds)
1st Andy
1st Gav

Nascar Peloton
1st – Dan (pistaboy)
2nd – Brett
3rd – Dan (wentskiing)

Final Scores
1st – Dan – 12
2nd – Andy -10
2nd – Brett -10
3rd – Sam – 8

Oh and don’t forget… There is also Birmingham’s Canalleycat on the 9th July.

T O N I G H T !

June 25, 2010

I can’t enter on a geared bike, that would be cheating and I would probably cruise the win so it’s the trackie tonight, however I have not ridden my fixed bike properly for so long, thus I am quivering. Actually a bit scared of macking those speeds again.

So, If you see no posts next week it’s because I am in hospital.

Graeme Obree Geneva to Nice.

June 17, 2010

Once over the top, another amazing 1000m descent had Stuart and I in aero tucks on the long straights, and on the ragged edge of grip into the switchback sections. Cars by now were just an inconvenience to be drafted until we could out-sprint them into the bends. Taking a hand off the bars to give a thumbs up to any drivers that got out of our way as we swept past at 50mph-plus was exciting.

Great read and a few great shots too, especially loving the Galibier shots. My, my the sign that used to say ‘Col du Galibier’ now resembles something outside of a skateboard shop. Enough stickers, already!

Read more.

Dromarti Leather Goodness.

March 16, 2010

Come summer time you won’t find me in any other glove than a lovely pair of leather palmed crochet mitts. They age beautifully over time and in my experience tend to last longer than any other glove out there. Plus they make me feel like Felice Gimondi riding a tour, thus giving me a sort of ‘go faster stripe’.

At £99 these Dromarti’s are a touch out of my price league when compared to my £9.99 ebay mitts but nevertheless these are totally luxurious and if they make you ‘go faster’ then who am I to grumble at the price.

The Dromarti La Grande Mitt is supremely comfortable and the epitome of good taste and style. Each glove is individually handmade from soft Nappa leather, with a reinforced slim padded palm, featuring a hand crochet back, piped in leather with an adjustable closing strap displaying the Dromarti marque. To complete the picture La Grande Mitt comes complete with a handmade leather storage pouch.



July 15, 2009

So last nights ride was cancelled due to bad weather, and by the looks of it the rain that we are currently experiencing will persist well into next week so unfortunately the WWFGSC will be on hold until the Lord sees fit for us to have this Heatwave we are so deserved of.

To keep me and hopefully you guys sane and eager to get out riding here is a pic of my Raleigh basking beside me in the sun at Cannon Hill park a couple weeks back, oh the memories!


As always, keep em peeled on Spinwell and on your mobile communication device for updates on rides.

By the way, Luke and Callum it was nice to meet you last night and I am sorry you had a wasted journey but keep your fingers crossed and next week we should be rolling!

Postcards from Birmingham.

June 11, 2009


Fin dropped by the store yesterday to pass me a handful of these. A bunch of really nice postcards to promote the cycling scene in Birmingham. As you may be able to see on the front there, they have a picture of Birmingham’s most handsome bike and quite rightfully so! On the rear the cards contain web addresses for the three most relevant sites for Brum cyclists and fixed heads, namely Birmingham Fixed Gear, Spinwell and the LFGSS Birmingham forum.

Thanks Fin, from all of us. You have done a fine job.

In and around the Weatheroak.

June 1, 2009

Took a ride out to Wythall yesterday with some of my pals, namely Hardy, Keiran, Joe and Kris. The weather was so so good and I cannot even remember a time where I rode so fast and for so long. No doubt that’s what comes from riding with dudes as strong and stronger than you are!

I am now Looking forward to next Sunday when the maiden voyage of the geared road bike will take place with the Heathens CC and I hope we get to take the route Kris mentioned, if so we have at least 10 minutes of descending ahead of us. 10 minutes of fast descending on a freewheel is something I have been longing for since I sold my downhill rig a few years back. Bosh! I cannot wait.


IOW 25th Randonee.

May 7, 2009


Real nice pics. Via SFGFC

Perhaps the only time I hate riding.

December 12, 2008


I find myself hurling abuse at no-one, as if I had tourettes. Innocent people minding their own business perhaps waiting for a bus hear a world of profanities come out of my mouth… “F**k!”, “Bastard!” and sorry folks but sometimes even the ‘C’ bomb. I do not like using these words but at the time I cannot vent my frustration in any other way. “Why the swearing?” I hear you ask, well the answer to that my dear friends is this: WIND. I picture all the commuters out there nodding their heads in agreement, you work twice as hard to get half the distance… I liken it to the 50% off Boxing day sales that seem to be so popular these days. The poor sales assistants have to work twice as hard for half the price.

My commute is a mere 3 miles to my front door so my heart goes out to those who rode home tonight in the filthy wind out to Solihull, Aston, Sutton, Rubery, Acocks Green, Perry Barr all of you, wherever you go.

At this point I want to own up to something… On the final up-hill I seemed to notice my legs slowing down and suddenly they stop. My whole body appeared to reject the bike, almost as if my brain had said to my body “Look pal, enough is enough”.
Ok, Ok yes, I got off and walked a little bit! Let me tell you this though, if I had continued and completed the journey home I would have almost certainly layed a nice slab of vomit on my doorstep and the Lady she had dinner waiting so I am thinking Vomit is not the look I am going for.

Seriously it is a struggle. I have deep rims on my bicycle and let me tell you… not only is it a struggle to get anywhere without your energy being sapped away much like my bank account on payday but it is also a touch difficult to keep the damn thing in a straight line. I attempt to go around corners and it feels like at any second I am going to be lifted right up and onto the pavement, sans bicycle.
But wait… suddenly it becomes easier, is that a tailwind I have? Maybe for a few seconds, but friends don’t let it fool you, it is hiding down that side street waiting for YOU. Waiting for you as if you have angered it in some way and there it is again, smashing your face in.

That people is the wind and I hate it.
Wind, you may be the friend of the sailor but you sure aint no friend of mine.

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