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Sun Manxman.

November 5, 2009


Strange configuration of the tubes here but I like it. Especially seeing it was manufactured in my home town of Sunny Birmingham!

No doubt the angle of the seatube is to encourage a severely short wheelbase whilst maintaining rider comfort with an average length top tube and it works too, to an extent… Look at the potential toe overlap. The rider must be a man after my own heart!

Spotted here.

B + W Goodness.

June 3, 2009




A friend of mine alerted me to these cripsy shots of a day cycling in the sun. What I love most about them is the fact that you can actually feel the heat despite the absolute lack of colour.

Kevin Kafesu, my 20 year old work colleague is the man responsible for these and I must say that he has definitely got an eye for a good shot. More to the point since he copped his Bianchi pista a few months back via our work’s cycle incentive scheme he has been on his ride almost daily and although I am not condoning him for it he has taken to brakeless fixed riding like a duck to water.

Well done sir… these pics are the biz.

Check out more of Kevin’s work on his own blogspace – Propperganda

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