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Speaking of Raleigh. Van Vliet 82.

May 12, 2011

6th December.

December 6, 2009

Team Raleigh on Ebay.

November 13, 2009






Professional lightweight road bike from Raleigh Bicycle Development, Ilkeston with Reynolds 753 framework #SB3116 finished in TI-Raleigh team coloures red, black, yellow. Selected equipment with Campagnolo Super Record, Huret Jubilee gear, CLB magnesium brakes, Pelissier 2002 hubs, Mavic SSC rims, Cinelli bar/stem, Premier SL220 suede saddle, etc.

This, another fine example of British craftmanship just recently sold on U.S Ebay for nigh on $2000.

Some lucky ( and flush ) fellow has just landed themselves with an absolute beauty of a specimen there!

Raleigh Identification…

October 20, 2009

…But excluding SB serial numbers.

If you are lucky enough to own an SB numbered special products Raleigh frame like myself you may or may not know that you cannot really pin point the dates as they started at 1 and worked up to over a thousand, sequentially.

My particular ‘SB’ Raleigh has a number of 969 and when cross referenced to other SB frames I found that mine was made sometime in late 1976 and that is about as far as I have got!


Call off the search.

May 20, 2009

Yes! Last week I managed to find and grip one of these, an Ilkeston built SBDU Raleigh Track frame in my size!!! Not this exact one but this model and colourway and yes even in the flesh it is still one the best looking frames I ever clapped eyes on and I am super stoked.

I cannot wait to ride it, I just have to wait for my forks to be returned form the chrome shop and then I will be on it.

This ladies and gentlemen will be my summer whip of 2009 and hopefully for many summers to come.

Without Bad there will be no Good.

March 4, 2009

My last two posts have been a little negative folks don’t you think?
Maybe it has something to do with being back from my holidays, I don’t know?

It got me thinking though, about what I always say about things people hate on, or diss. “There would be no good without bad”.

So from one post about something I dislike to a post about something I absolutely love.

Old pictures of something I am interested in. Bicycles, amongst others.

A nice link sent to me via Fin ( one of Birmingham’s two fine cycle couriers ) of a track bike from 1979, designed by Panyn and Vorontsov,
for individual and team pursuit competition in the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games.

That looks remarkably like this ( my all time favourite Raleigh ) :

And it also shares it’s name with this.
The recently released Ciocc ‘Mockba 80’ pista… ‘Mockba 80’ meaning ‘Moscow 80’ surely?
Apart from the stem this ‘off the peg’ looks amazing and apparently you can grip one of these now from selected stores in America for $999.

Will it ever hit our shores, who knows?

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