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Trophy Wife.

January 22, 2010

Nice Guchi this one with some real nice hardware but the fave has to be that fork… oooooweeeee!

Thanks Lil Nicky.

1989 Duell Track Pursuit.

July 20, 2009

Here it is, my most recent acquisition, a full columbus SLX 1989 Duell track pursuit frame in fantastic condition.

Built with what parts I had lying around it is now absolutely and perfectly rideable but I am still on the lookout for a few ‘choice’ parts… Namely a Steel, 65 degree drop variation of the Nitto ‘Jaguar’ stem, somesort of chrome aero seatpost and a set of decent cranks, oh and that white tyre has got to go! But for now I marinade and simply enjoy it.

It is a bit like riding permanently on the drops but the fact it takes a 700c up front makes it a little more forgiving on your wrists, thank goodness! The sheer tightness of the frame makes toe overlap a bit of an issue but not too much of a big deal, I mean it is not like I plan on doing barspins or anything! This thing is made to go fast in a straight line and that is what will continue to be done.






Hardy’s Dolan

December 9, 2008


Hardy rips this thing every single day… 8 miles to work and 8 miles back.
Built from scratch with some Weinmann deep Vs, Onza carbon seatpost, Regal saddle, Thomson stem the lot, the bike looks absolutely solid as hell!

Hardy once said to me ( while I was having a mental tussle on whether to or not drop some money on an expensive item ) “Dude if you have been looking at the thing for more than 6 months just buy it, f**k it”.
Wise words! The expensive item was eventually purchased.

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