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Rapha. Amgen ToC 2011.

May 9, 2011

We consider ourselves to be gloriously average cyclists. We appreciate the hard rides and the easy ones. Sometimes, we stop for coffee or beer and most of those times we linger a bit longer than you might expect. That is not to say that we do not relish the hard efforts that come with being a cyclist. The long pulls into a headwind or the climbs that dangle in front of you for what seem to be days. We have even found, a few of us, that we enjoy a trip or two over the pavé, or that we feel at home with gravel bouncing off our shins and shoes. Sometimes this makes us a little heady and we get caught up in the beauty and suffering of riding our bicycles, so we tend to think of ourselves as good riders. But that does not mean that for a minute, or second, do any of us think we can hold a candle to the professional peloton, to what it takes to be a professional cyclist. Read on…


Mash in Embrocation.

November 9, 2009


Spotted on my RSS reader this morning was a great write up from Mr Chow of Mash’s recent epic journey of the Tour of California. Brilliant, go read it.

“I Miss My Roadbike” –While it’s debatable the need of Campagnolo’s addition of an eleventh speed, 1 gear can (sometimes) leave a person in want of (just a little) more. A ‘1′ here represents, “The legs, body, mind and soul are in accord; all things are operating perfectly and are in concert with one another, the universe and my bike –the track bike is a marvelous machine and I am its master.” While, a ‘10′ represents, “I swear off all single-digit integers and things containing, made with, representative of, or otherwise related to anything with a singular unit of measure –single speeds, a singular-vision to finish the Tour of California on a track bike, etc.”

Via Embrocation.

Rapha Prototypes on the TOC.

March 12, 2009

The Tour of California really is what its name suggests, a tour. A week of riding, averaging 100 miles a day in the most culturally, socially and geographically diverse state in the country. Everyday exposed to a staggering range of climates and topography. That it’s held in February, a decidedly winter month, only compounds the difficulties of dressing properly – for comfort, performance and ultimately for victory.

We know this because we rode it. Each stage brought with it unique challenges and circumstances; we slogged through rain and mud, pushed over hills and up mountains, endured hours of valley flats, rode into headwinds, through cross winds and down coastlines. In seven days and nine stages we tested, and tested hard, our limitations as riders as well as those of the products we relied on. We went down with a batch of Rapha products in various states of development or design that we peppered into our race bags in hopes to find what worked, what needed improvement, what we liked or didn’t. We had a Stowaway made from a new fabric – essentially a laminated version of the current Stowaway fabric – some racing mitts, leg warmers, and a Classic Jersey with a slightly different Sportwool blend for trial. This is what we learned.

Mash SF Tour of Cali.

February 24, 2009

Well done MASH.

The MASH SF tour of California makes the forthcoming Birmingham to Stratford ride look like a walk in the park… or is that ride in the park?

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