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Oh Sh*t.

November 18, 2009

I am not personally into trick riding myself but this fakie wheelie just killed it for me.

New Brooklyn.

November 18, 2009

“The Launchpad” is our new “trick specific/700cmx/fixed freestyle” frame. The first frames are nearing completion and should be trickling out to paint in the next week. All of the first batch is spoken for but some will be available in shops that have preordered them. Our friends in LA, Orange 20 are first on the list to have some in stock. The bros at WBASE ,Chari & Co. and Tokyo Fixed Gear are all on the list to have frames soon too. If you can’t get your hands on one from this first run, we will be taking orders for the next, hopefully to be completed in the very near future.

“The Launchpad” is going to be offered in long and short top-tube versions with the option of either a Mid or Euro bottom bracket shell with a 45×45 integrated headtube. Color options are black, red, and clear. The long version has a taller standover and slightly steeper HT angle than the short. Overall, the geometry of this frame isn’t a much of a departure from the “Gangsta”. This thing is more stout than it’s older brother and has ample tire clearance. We’re pretty stoked on it and the addition of our “Clusterfork” is going to make for a kickass frameset that sells for $850MSRP and is handmade here in Brooklyn.

Slowly beginning to feel the top tube that slopes the ‘wrong’ way!

More info here.


August 26, 2009


“Giant’s Bowery FMX might have been born in the velodrome but it was definitely raised in the BMX world. This fun city steed boasts an aluminum frame and chromoly fork for a light, responsive ride that can take on whatever the urban landscapes has in store for you. This sweet rig is ready for whatever tricks you can throw down, too, with stiff 3-piece chromoly cranks, a BMX-style saddle and a stubby stem with riser bars. And, the fast-rolling 700c wheels with Michelin tires can handle drops, jumps and fast bike-lane ripping. There’s even a thick wrap around the top tube to protect you as well as this sweet frame while it’s locked up.”

What a load of old blurb that is. The frame is no different to a standard 08 or 09 Bowery… I know because I had one. I mean yes it looks O.K but it is made out of Aluminium for christ’s sake. As the good Samuel Kilburn says on Fixed Gear Leeds… “If Alu was any good they would have made street BMXs out of it” and do they? No.

If this thing is for “drops, jumps and fast bike-lane ripping” then the material chosen is an error in my opinion.

Oh and Bottle mounts? Just in case you fancy a sip of water while handling the “drops, jumps and fast bike-lane ripping”… Ha! Oversight.

Via Prolly.

Leader Trick Steez.

July 30, 2009

As far as trick specific frames go these Leaders look pretty good, however I would love to see one with a set of wheels in.

My favourite element on these has to be the heavy ass gusseting on the head cluster… Reminds me a lot of my old downhill bike after I cracked it and had a pal weld some sh*t on!


Via Pedalconsumption.

Paisley Geekhouse.

July 8, 2009

Not too sure about the paint job here but I have always loved these frames. To me the angles and geo look just ‘right’.



Via Prolly.
More from Geekhouse.

Difisso Hotness.

July 8, 2009

This one is up there with some of the nicest ‘classic’ track frames.
Plus I have an absolute soft spot for the chosen colour combo as some of you may know… Red and Chrome. Mmmmmmm Delicious!





“The “DiFisso” project rises in Autumn 2007 from the passion and commitment of three friends, as synthesis of all the ideas collected during a trip in the south of California. It was in Newport Beach where we got in touch with the track bike culture for the first time. DiFisso track frames aim to mix the Californian culture and “easy going” mood, with the accuracy, on-going research and focus on “total quality” proper of Italian handicraft tradition. The combination of these two seemingly opposite elements gives unespected results: the manufacturing, completely handmaded, makes each frame a unique piece. The goal is to create, every single time, a product that reflects at best the personality and the needs of our customers: a custom-tailored frame always different to the others producted, but with its own recognizable style.”

Words from Difisso.
Via Pedal Consumption.


May 29, 2009


More info here.

Easy on the Eyes.

April 9, 2009


Via Suburbs.

Bring the Hate.

March 4, 2009

Starfuckers in production with their ‘trick’ bike.

Seriously is this just changing the look of a bicycle frame for the sake of it or does it have purpose?
I can see that a bar spin would be easier but is that it?

Frames don’t get made like this anymore for a reason… FLEX.

I once had a frame that looked like this and that turned out to be a piece of crap.

Alpinestars had some lovely frames in the 90s however but they ended up being phased out by a more ‘traditional’ double triangle set up, obviously because the double or triple triangle ( favoured by the likes of GT ) had way more longevity in aesthetics and performance.

We will see how this goes but what I will say is this… I am sure ‘Starfuckers’ are responsible for introducing BMX bars to track bikes and for that I will never forgive them.

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