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White Turbo failings.

January 19, 2011

Don’t buy a White turbo. Simple. I mean, that is mine up there after being on the bike for no more than two weeks. As you can see ( or maybe not because of the poor attempt at an arty iphone shot gone wrong ) it is Borderline killed, creased to bits with the white dye or whatever it is completely worn away at the sides and on the tail. It’s not like I have been hammering it either, I have been pootling about to and from work. My thighs are hench, I am not going to lie but not so hench that they physically chafe the sides of the saddle like sandpaper to a block of cheese.

What is worse is that this particular white turbo was straight up out of the box NOS from 1992 and now look at it, positively NOS. What are these guys using to colour the pleather anyway… Tipp-ex? Chalk? Milk? Whatever it is, it’s crap.

Mind you, this saddle does have a lot of charm in it’s current state with it’s used look and I suppose it is also perched on top of something that is as far from a show bike as can be. It is also probably the comfiest saddle I have used ( sans bibs ) so I can forgive a little for that, that said I am used to a collapsed flite and also a Regal ( best looking saddle IMO but hard as Tyson, riding a Regal is like cycling with a brick between your legs ). I suppose I just wish this Turbo had lasted a little longer, so all I am saying is: if you want a white saddle that will remain white for longer than 2 weeks. Don’t buy a turbo.

That is all.

Simon’s Low Profile Shorter

January 7, 2009

I have met Simon only once and I must say what a fine chap he is.
He turned out to the X-Mass mini meet a few weeks back and managed
to stick around long enough for me to snap some pics of his steed.

He informed me that he managed to grip this bike off Ebay for something silly like £60 minus the later additions of the rear wheel and Turbo saddle.

Jesus! bargain anyone? sixty quid for the frame would be a hot deal, but the bike?

Props to you Simon, I thought I was pretty good at sourcing a bargain but this is the one. I feel sick.


Faux Saddles

December 12, 2008

You gotta love the Turbo saddle right? well I want one and I cant find one so I may have to cop a Ta-Bo instead. They also have a replica of the Selle San Marco Regal and Concor…. Lovely!
Available from Soma right now.


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