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Three photographs off the desktop.

February 14, 2012

Just before my previous computer gave up the ghost I managed to salvage a handful of photographs off the desktop and this is three from that selection. They are not the best compositions in the world but they are all I have to show for a camera that is no longer with me. Happy days!

Vans Supercorsa Italian Cycles.

March 24, 2010

A model which saw an introduction into the Vans Vault roster last season, the Supercorsa makes an appearance yet again, this time as part of the Vans California Collection. Presented within Vans’ “Italian Cycles” Collection, this new pack showcases the Supercorsa in an all-canvas motif, with each colorway representing specific honors per Italian cyclists. Featured is the white jersey (Best Young Rider), Rose (Leader-Champion), Green (King of the Mountains), Pink (Best Sprinter), and black (Last Place). Look for these to drop in July of 2010.

Looking good. Via Hypebeast.


January 11, 2010

I wondered how long it would take before these came out.

Vans Vault worked for Spring 2010 with Donny Miller on a Slip-On. What might at first appear as an Authentic, is actually a slip-on with a large all-over graphic print. It comes in 2 colorways as part of the Vans Vault Spring 2010 Collection.

I Love!
Via Highsnob.

Vans x Airblaster.

October 21, 2009


They say:
To accompany their collaborative snowboard boot, Vans and Airblaster got together on a water resistant Era. The “Stay Wild” Era features an all-black upper with a bright pink top eyelet and teal lining alongside Airblaster logo placements. Perfect for those slushy days in the parking lot. Now available at Vans snowboarding retailers.

I say:
Waterproof Vans? Yes. I totally love the idea but guys the execution is awful. Honestly just look at it, flat, long, narrow just awful. Vans can you do this again but in an authentic this time instead of an era? Oh and do something about the profile would you. Thanks.

Via highsnob.

Win the FGLDN X VANS bike.

March 9, 2009


“This is your chance to show off your Fixed Gear bike skills and win the FGLDN Custom Vans Bike.

We’re looking for a 2-3 minute max short film about you riding – the subject matter can be anything, it’s not just about the tricks but must be based around Fixed Gear bike riding only. The best video, judged by FixedGearLondon will get their hands on the one of a kind, never to be built again, custom bike created by FGL showcasing their interpretation of what a Vans fixed bike should be.

Entries will be judged on creativity, not riding ability…so whether you are a novice or expert we want to see your video! Get busy filming – courier, alley cat fanatic, polo player, tricks or commuting – get filming and submit your video to the mpora/fixed channel.

Fixedgearlondon will solely pick the winner. The competition is not based on the amount of views or hits you receive – all videos will be watched and judged by Andy and Ted themselves. Get involved!”



February 13, 2009

It seems that finally these are coming out.
The Vans Supercorsa.

I must have seen these well over a year ago via various leaked images on the net and I thought I would never get my mitts on a pair but no, my dreams will be coming true.

Inspired by cycling shoes from years gone by these
Vault Vans are so sick!

Peep me in the green ones this summer.
Check the 09 lookbook here

Thanks to Prolly for the heads up.

Gabe Morford x Vans Syndicate

January 19, 2009


San Francisco fixed wheeler and co-producer of M.A.S.H collaborates with the mighty Vans for the Gabe Morford x Vans syndicate pack.

For those who like to ride in Vans like me these are a winner, especially in these cold months as they are made from some heavy duty materials like Suede, Leather and waterproof Benecke Ceraprene. They sound like they might just be the ticket, especially after wearing canvas authentics for what seems like an eternity!

Each pair also includes a Vans Syndicate bike tool pouch to put your bits n bobs in which looks rather nifty.

Available now at Flatspot.

Vans Crimbo kicks

December 15, 2008

Apparently the shoe of choice among the Fixed wheelers of San Francisco. I dont know too much about riding in San Francisco but I know I don’t ride my bicycle in any other shoe. They fit into clips a treat, they breath and yes they soak water and yes they don’t keep you that warm but they do look rad as hell.

The latest offerings from Vans are special,
Christmas specials to be exact.
Loving the Candy piping and the Santa skull!


Via Highsnobiety

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