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Raleigh Snap.

January 12, 2010

1989 Duell Track Pursuit.

July 20, 2009

Here it is, my most recent acquisition, a full columbus SLX 1989 Duell track pursuit frame in fantastic condition.

Built with what parts I had lying around it is now absolutely and perfectly rideable but I am still on the lookout for a few ‘choice’ parts… Namely a Steel, 65 degree drop variation of the Nitto ‘Jaguar’ stem, somesort of chrome aero seatpost and a set of decent cranks, oh and that white tyre has got to go! But for now I marinade and simply enjoy it.

It is a bit like riding permanently on the drops but the fact it takes a 700c up front makes it a little more forgiving on your wrists, thank goodness! The sheer tightness of the frame makes toe overlap a bit of an issue but not too much of a big deal, I mean it is not like I plan on doing barspins or anything! This thing is made to go fast in a straight line and that is what will continue to be done.






What the hell are these?

May 20, 2009

Apparently they are called Airwalk and are available via Airwalk for $38 each. $38??? Isn’t that like £30… Wow that is cheap! What are they made of, Coke cans?

BTW… Isn’t Airwalk that wack brand from the 90s that was like a fake version of Vans made for blonde haired surfer ‘dudes’?

I am really not sure about these… not one bit.

B43 Looking Good.

May 11, 2009


Via Velocity.

Velocity Wide Vs.

April 7, 2009

After many folks who ride 700cmx had smashed their rims doing grinds, gaps, and 180s the call was to get Velocity to bring something a little beefier, a little wider.

Here it is, the Velocity Chukker. at 2mm wider than a standard Deep V those people intent on doing bunny hops down sets of stairs need fear not as finally they can put on those 700x35c tyres they have been itching to and hopefully gain more bounce for their ounce.


Velocity Deeper V.

March 13, 2009

I heard a week or so ago about Velocity raising their game to compete with what seems to be the new market leader for deep aluminium track rims… The H plus Son Formation face and SL 42.

So now Velocity have released pictures of their newest creation, the ‘B43’. Named so ( amongst other reasons ) due to it’s depth, 43mm.


Velocity’s President John Black talks about their new rim:

“We are working hard on getting this rim to market. If all goes as planned, they should be readily available this spring. It is called the B43, because it is 43mm tall, making it 1mm taller than our very worthy and formidable competition.

It’s hard to compare it to the Deep V. The B43 will be heavier than the Deep V, it’s hard to say how much yet.

As for multiple drillings of the B43, we do plan on that, you guys doing tricks have been evolving and you’re at the point now where you are doing some rather insane manuevers. We were not thinking of going down to a 28h though. Less spokes is usually indicitive of some one wanting light weight, the B43 will not be light.

It is a work in progress, we have actually received two different batches of extrusion and we are not quite satisfied yet. We are seriously considering modifying the design again and making the B43 wider. Can you imagine a 43mm tall rim by 24mm wide with 48 holes?!?! I’d say that would be just about bullet proof.

We definitely plan on doing a variety of drillings, at least 32h, 36h, and 48h. 650c will happen eventually. A variety of colors too. While they won’t be the lightest rim on the planet, they shouldn’t be a boat anchor either. The final product should be somewhere between 710 to 730 grams. We could make it lighter, but durability is our main concern.

As for price, it looks like we’ll at least be competitive. Making good rims is not a cheap endeavor, sure we could source them out and have them made in China, but that would be selling out in my opinion.”

The only thing these rims may have over their Japanese competition is the finishes on the rims… You know like being able to have wheels that look like Wood or snakeskin!

I run Deep V’s on my bike and I rate them, I have never had a problem with them but some people on the internet have been rubbishing Velocity for coming out with this rim ‘apparently’ just to be deeper but I say…

Fair play to them, this is a business right? If I made wheels and someone introduced a ‘better’ one I would of course endeavour to make an even ‘better’ one. This is the only reason we now have the technology that we do, because those who have ideas and have the facilities to put them into action are constantly striving to be ( in the words of Daft Punk ) better, stronger and faster.

I will however not be buying these nor H plus sons rims as I am slowly turning my back on Deep V style rims and the moment I find a suitable Low profile replacement my wheels are up for sale.

PK Ripper 700c

December 1, 2008

You know what time it is!
An ultimate classic freaked with for folks who like big wheels… Comes out next year complete with risers and Ourys! Barspins anyone?
I had a polished aluminium Ripper circa 98 and I loved it, I remember people, like pro bmxers and sh*t giving me props for owning one at the time… lucky for me I had a friend who rode for SE… Big.

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